Glow | Ivory Beeswax Taper Candles

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The essential candle. Tapers are the must have candles for your home. Create a warm, glowing ambiance with these rolled beeswax tapers.

Sold as a pair (2 tapers)

Color: Ivory

Approximate Burn Time: 7 - 9 hours per taper

Specifications: 1"D x 7.75"H; 2 ounces 

Burn Instructions:

  • Tapers should be placed on a heat resistant surface.
  • Wick should be trimmed to ¼" prior to each burn. The wick does not need to be trimmed for the first burn as it will be ¼". 
  • Taper should not be burned for more than 6 hours at a time. Prolonged burn times can lead to carbon build up on the wick and dripping.
  • Keep candle away from drafty areas, curtains, children and pets.
  • A small amount of beeswax will remain once the candle has been completely burned; this is normal.