Beeswax Aromatherapy Wax Melts

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A blend of pure beeswax, organic coconut oil and pure essential oils. 

Fresh Start - Citrus blend​. Smelling citrus oils can reduce anxiety and promote energy.

A Vibe - Floral blend. ​This calming combination includes lavender, best known for relieving stress and improving sleep.

Get it TogetherHerbal blend​. Includes sage & rosemary, exactly what you need to increase focus and uplift your mind, body and spirit.

Burn Instructions:

  • Burn in an appropriate oil burner
  • No water needed
  • One melt can be used multiple times. When the scent dissipates, wait for melt to solidify, remove and replace
  • For optimal burn, use our 100% pure & natural beeswax tea lights or a wax melt warmer

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